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Western Deserts of Australia.

350km South of Halls Creek 2012
From my time living out... way out in the northern parts of the Great Sandy Desert. Few places have felt like home like the deserts of Australia.

The New Zealand Tree Project

The New Zealand Tree Project ( a major undertaking for 2015. In early March we fly to the North Island for a 10 week shoot where we will be creating a very ambitious single photo of a Rimu tree. This photo will be 2.5-3m wide and 6m tall.

Photographically speaking this is the most difficult photo I've ever decided to create. To capture this enormous tree in one single distortion free image we are combining advanced tree climbing and tree rigging systems along with highly advanced camera systems.

Our 3 canon 5D mkIII cameras will travel 40 vertical meters and using radio camera triggers take a set of photos every 50cm. The 3 images will be stitched together to form a horizontal panorama then each panorama will be stitched vertically to form the final image. It is possible that the final image will be a composite of between 250 and 300 individual images.

Along with this massive photo we are also creating a documentary film that celebrates the natural beauty of the tree and details key points of the conservation moments that protected them from logging. There will also be a strong emphasis on the scientists and their discoveries which from initial conversations is world class.

So far The New Zealand Tree Project has gained several sponsorships from private companies and educational institutions. Visit to learn more


Long Absence

Its been a long absence from the blog and it is very much due to life just being worth spending in the open rather than here. I'm happy to say that life will remain outside shooting, exploring and leaning. However, I will be trying my hardest to share these things with you here on my website.

Mt Lewis Birdwatching - Kingfisher Park

Atmospheric Immersion, Muk Muk Gallery, Opening 19 June

 The one and only Uluru and Eclipse

The one and only Uluru and Eclipse

It has been a long time coming but I am very happy to officially announce my first solo photographic exhibition. 

"Atmospheric Immersion - Experiences and observations above the horizon" 

The show will be have its grand opening on the 19th July at 6pm

Muk Muk Gallery
14 Lindsay Ave, Eastside, 
Alice Springs Northern Territory

This is a show focusing on the experiences and affinities that all Central Australians have with their skies. The unifying qualities of the skies above can not be denied with us all witnessing and stopping to admire the sky be it a blaze with colour, an unparalleled clear blue or even those rarer events that revolving around the sun brings us.   

When people are away for extended times or move back to the cities its these experiences that are often what people say are the most memorable of Central Australia. This is certainly my experience. On long photo expeditions or when traveling in general takes its toll my thoughts are of this place, it's people and it's wide open skies. There have been few places that I have travelled to where I am able to find that same sensation of immersion and even fewer that have such clarity. 

These photographs have all be shot during my brief but necessary visits home over the last 4 years. They have come to represent everything I love about this place. Salt lake and red dune centre completely on clarity. Storm, Sunrise Clouds and Sunrise Fire telling the story of colour, texture and the sheer mass that sweeps over us at those pivotal times of day. Uluru Eclipse is with out a doubt the most amazing sight that I have seen and similarly the Budgie Murmeration series again shows the magic of Central Australia.

These photographs have been printed by Simon Olding of ICC Imagetec in Hobart widely recognised as the finest printers in Tasmania. He himself is an award winning photographer and master printer and winner of the Tasmanian World Heritage Photo Competition and finalist in the Hutchins Art Prize and the Wrest Point Art Prize.

He also prints the work of other fine art photographers like Rob Blakers, Chris Bell, David Stephenson and he is the only printer trusted with the legendary work of Peter Dombrovskis. 

I have never been as confident handing over my work to a printer than I am with Simon. His mastery of every facet of the process has resulted in these prints having an uncompromised quality of materials and unparraled accuracy and detail. I myself am amazed by the quality of the prints both as a photographer looking at the printed work and as the creator of the work.

The combination of subject, patience and experience in the field recording those subjects and print quality I think will be something that everyone will want to come and see for themselves.