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OMG a new website

So yet another website for this domain. I've taken on Square as my new provider and back end content managment system. They have impressed me greatly with the ease of the WYSIWYG editor as well as the image galleries function.

My wordpress blog is no more and its a bit of a sad day for the old wordpress as it has been doing a good job with my content. Square Space is like wordpress all super charged and ready to go without the need for a million plugins to get what I want. This will technichly be my first blog entry on the new site but as you can see I've been hacking away at it all day now with dummy posts.

On the right is a email me form where you can tell me what you think of the site... and I do want critiques!

My images and pages will keep being updated as the next few days pass and I hope to get it respectable before I go on my next tour this Saturday.