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Tour 55, 06 December 2008

Tour 55 Crew @ Sunset

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Some amazing opportunities to make really unique photographs on this tour even more so than last tour which was one of the best. Rain all the way to Uluru and then the sun comes out just as we arrive to light up all the huge pools of water around the base which made for brilliant reflection photos. Red Rock blue sky green trees and then its all reversed!

Kata Tjuta on day two was just as amazing but no sunshine to speak of but the creek was flowing more than I had ever seen before so much so that it was almost impassable. This made for some more reflection photos as well as some great HDR's with dark clouds looming above the domes.

Kings Canyon was all pretty average that is to say except for all the wild flowers about to bloom so I can't wait to see it a week later. It was really once in a year shot of the garden of eden waterfall flowing and flowing strong. I had to get a bit wet to get these ones but the images are magic.

Some more shots of the dunes of Oak Valley but this time showing a record of both the evenings heavy rain drops as well as the freakish amounts of caterpillars crawling over the surface. These little buggers kept me awake all night because they kept crawling into my swag not to actually be there I was just in their way. I had never seen them before EVER and all of a sudden they are everywhere!

The West MacDonnall Ranges are as green any costal range which is bizarre to see especially in comparison to the dry season. Ormiston was so flooded that we couldn't walk down the gorge but it was good for a swim after getting up to the pound lookout and back.

The crew was one of the best I've had even after getting soaked on night one they kept their spirits up and kept motivated. Thanks heaps guy for a great tour.

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