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Photo of the Day, Monday 29 December 2008

A photo from last weeks walk in the West MacDonnell Ranges, the Pound Walk is definatly one of my favourite walks here in Central Australia. I had dreamed of being on the lookout for sunrise for as long as I've knowen about the walk.

We woke up at about 2:00am in order to be there which was funny because Lisa invited some of her friends on the walk plus we had a couchsurfer staying as well. So 5 people a 2:30am departure, 140km drive and a 2.5km walk in the dark to get there was the mission.

The results were amazing even though the weather conditions would have turned me off in the past. A sky filled with dust, clouds to spoil the sunshine and wind to keep the plants moving where the stand out conditions.

I thought about it for a bit while walking to the view... the dust can create and add to the impression of scale as well as distance. The clouds gave good light to reduce contrast and the wind let me develop movement and a sense of time.