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Tour 59, 06 January 2009

Tour 59... Almost my 60th tour!

This was my first tour back from a shortened holiday over the Christmas - new year break and it was one to remember.

A few things that happened on tour really made it clear that this location is not an easy place to travel. You really do have to be committed to come here in the middle of the summer when day time temps can easily be around 40.

Even when we start the walks early in the morning 6:30-7:00 am ish the temperature can be around 30 already. Plus add around 3-4 hours of walking and an additional 10 degrees and you've got a large potential for things to get out of hand. Hydration is always the biggest safety issue on tour summer or winter but especially in summer you have to be ultra careful.

Aside from some really stressing events the tour was full of people who were prepared to see past it and move on.

The photographic opportunities on tour were limited and being so drained I really didn't fell like it was worth making the effort to take good photos. Still I did manage to get the camera out and snap a few. The stand outs were a swim right through to the end of redbank gorge which I had never done before.

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