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Photo of the Day, Monday 12 January 2009

West MacDonnall Sunrise HDR

Last week I posted some Panoramics and this week I've decided to post HDR images and discuss the pros and cons of the HDR.

This is one of the first HDR shots that I processed with Photomatics.

Shooting HDR tends to be a bit of a pain if you shoot without thinking about it in great detail. Not only does it require quite a deal of processing from Lightroom to Photomatics and if needed Photoshop.

A HDR image also requires a bunch of drive space which cost money. 3x 10mb files as the raw images and then usually exported from Photomatics as a TIFF sometimes around 50mb and then editing in Photoshop it could reach up to 100mb for a single image.

When I  first found HDR I really did go a bit crazy with it shooting just about everything in HDR. This really did munch through drive space and probably more importantly time. I'm out bush 5 days a week with 2 days off and with this amount of time processing needs to be very efficient as I need to have a life as well.

Workflow needs to be short sharp and most of all effective.