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Photo of the Day, Tuesday 13 January 2009

Valley of the Winds HDR

So having mentioned the drive space required to process a HDR I'm going to move onto time.

I know with me time is limited and I bet most of you have time but you always need more. Porcessing a HDR not taking into account the shooting time can take way longer than a normal image.

The selection and review in Lightroom, the import and processing in Photomatics and finally the finishing touches in Photoshop can take half an hour. This is too much especially if you shoot a lot of HDR and have a tendency to be a bit of a tweeker.

Establishing a and setting up a workflow is essential for a good result Vs time ratio. I used to process every HDR one by one and this was so very painful if you shoot 10 HDRs let alone 20 or even more a week.