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Photo of The Day, Wednesday 14 January 2009

Ormiston Off Track HDR

I found processing too time consuming to the point of having so many HDRs that I'd just not get to processing them.

So I have all these unprocessed images on my drives just sitting there and getting older and older. Clogging up space and largely useless for any other purpose I just deleted them which was the best thing to do at the time.

Later on I found the presets panel and batch processing in Photomatics. The presets panel was easy to understand and was magic for the workflow as I had 3-4 presets and only took a click to do all that work, then came batch processing.

Batch processing of multiple HDRs was the most useful thing that I discovered in the whole HDR workflow. Adding a whole tours worth of HDRs to a list and clicking which preset I want to use and then clicking process was a wonder.

As soon as I found this HDR opened up and became a much more usable method for creating images. Now having used this workflow for a few months now HDRs are not only quicker to process but I've found a consistent style over my images.