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Photo of the Day, Friday 16 January 2009

Kings Canyon Waterfall HDR

So having looked at scene selection and what makes a good HDR scene I'll just write a little about where HDR is for me now.

HDRs that I see online have a tendency to be very much over processed and almost like airbrush art. As a landscape photographer I always want my images to be realistic. I do process all my images but as I keep shooting and processing I find a much finer look for my images.

HDR has such a potential to be over processed and especially if your a landscape photographer you can very easily loose touch with reality. This is my goal with my landscapes and with my HDRs in particular.

I can see the artistic credits in many HDRs that almost look like paintings but as I move forward into photography I find myself looking for realism. After all isn't a photograph by its very nature intended to represent reality.