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Photo of the Day, Saturday 17 January 2009

Uluru Sunrise HDR

HDR the weeks conclusion. All my points this week have been around refining HDR workflow to make HDR a more user friendly and efficient way to creat images.

As I go and make photographs and as I learn more about photography I find myself shooting less HDR. The first reason for this is time but I find HDR overdone way too much. If I do create a HDR I am very aware not to over do it and as I look through my HDR collection I see a very marked reduction in numbers and processing.

The processing of my HDRs is all geared towards bringing the scene together to look natural and not like a HDRs like you might see around the web. Embracing HDR as a way to get the most out of a scene while retaining a natural look has been the journey so far for me. As HDR techniques and applications develop I think that we will see the realistic or realism side of HDR  really come to be a more widely used process.