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Photo of The Day, Thursday 29 January 2009

5D MKII, the first sunset

Here is a shot from the Canon 5D MKII quite literally straight out of the camera of the first sunset over Uluru.

To say that I am impressed with the camera and its functionality is a bit of an understatement. Just look at this, I would never have shot anything like this with the 400D that is now sitting idle in a draw. The cameras ability to record scenes the way that I see them and want to record them is amazing.

Its a new tool that will make photography all the more fun and ultimately provide better results with minimum post processing. I really don't think that I have a photo of Uluru sunset on this blog that hasn't been sexed up somehow so this is a very big milestone in my photographic journey. No I can just leave them be and spen my time thinking about the next photo.