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Photo of The Day, Friday 30 January 2009

Sweeping Rains

This is the first HDR that I shot with the 5D MKII and it worked out really well.

A good friend recently asked me about a HDR image of theirs that had burly edges and lots of noise. After doing a bit of research I found out that there was two thing affecting the suspect image.

1. The image was shot at a high ISO 400-1200 which night now appear to produce substantial amounts of noise individually. But when the 3 images were put together it was a case of 3 x the noise.

2. The originals were not shot on a tripod and while the slight shifts could be corrected the very small amount of blur cause be a slow shutter speed could not. Once again the originals look ok for blur but just like the first point its 3x the effect and it produced very marked soft edges in the final image.