Alice Springs Photographer Blog

Tour 58, 28 December 2008

Too Close to Comercialise

I'm currently having a brake from touring but I did this tour to fill in a gap in the roster which opened up last week. It ended up being a great tour because I was in full holiday mode and it really became a relaxing tour compared to my usual tour style.

A 3 day tour is very quick to do now that I'm pretty much just doing 5 day tours which can be long when things happen. The crew was all prepared to be there in the heat and that was the major issue on tour the heat. The best thing about this tour was that the Giles Road is open again after 2 months of being closed due to the recent rains making the Palmer river flow. I was more than surprised to see that the river was indeed still flowing half a meter deep and with a fair amount of force as well.