Alice Springs Photographer Blog

The Work Continues

One of my Faves at the momentThe website as I'm sure you've noticed has almost been totally upgraded and is almost complete except for a few small things the most notable being the Limited Edition Prints page and the Stock Images page. These two areas will have to be quite a well considered sections of the site as they will represent my most cherished photographs.

I'm really happy to now be including event and commercial photographs in the homepage gallery which is a big step away from the total focus on landscape that I once had.

Later today I'll be working for a new client in Alice Springs as well as filling in some gaps for a collection that I've recently submitted to another client. Wednesday will be another big day with an afternoon shoot for Wayoutback which I am quite excited about to say the least. A few chalanges with this shoot will be reflections on the trucks from both me and the sun as well as the geometry of the shot because I'd really like to step away from the usual close up wide angle shot.

I'm also working on a review of my newest piece of equipment the Pocket Wizard Flex TT5 and the Mini TT1 which are remote flash triggers as well as a review of the newest lens in the bag the Canon 50mm f/1.4.