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Tour 63, 10-14 Feburary 2009

A classic tour with a great mix of people and weather to remember. Apart from day one the weather was amazing for this time of year, low 30's low humidity and a bit of wind to mix it up a little.

With such comfortable conditions many of the issues that have been brought up on previous tours just didn't come up. No hydration issues, no sweaty walks, no roasting in the sun and perhaps best of all for the kids on tour was the absence of flies at least in the cool mornings. Fly o'clock was about half to one hour after the actual sunrise which is dramatically different to the previous months where we were being bombarded 45 minutes before the sunrise.

On a slightly different note I was excited to see that they had found a "badly decomposed" body near the base of Uluru. It might sound a bit morbid but it's big news and a good way to get the group into the desert danger mode. It is most likely to be a man who went missing a few months ago who was from Melbourne, he had warrants for his arrest and so everyone thought that he had done a "ghostie". Faked his disappearance so people would give up looking for him... it worked but he may have actually been still there. He would have had to be fairly committed to the task as the body was found close to the rock, not way out in the sticks.

Day 3 at kings Canyon was the best opportunity to shoot decent images. High level clouds rolled in the previous afternoon and they hung around for the first half of the Rim walk in the morning. I had a chance to re-shoot some images that I haven't got with the 5D MKII yet and I also tried a few new compositions. In the last weeks I've really got into the flowing lines of sediment in the domes that can be created with varing angles of view over the image. I'll be working more with these lines in the coming weeks and I would like to do some simple portrait shots of the domes.

With the 3/5 day change over we were given a troopy so we were a little more agile than one of the canters as they are about 3 tonnes lighter. With this capability we could travel to the Finke Gorge National Park where you can find Palm Valley and my favorite Mparra. I was excited to make some good quality images of the Mparra walk and it turned out to be an OK for images. We were on top of the lookout relatively early in the morning but the light quickly becomes too much out here and so I decided to shoot HDR images so I could get detail in the shadows.

All in all it was a pretty sweet tour and the crew had just as much fun as me which is nice and I will try to talk slower in the future :)

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