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Photo of The Day, Tuesday 03 February 2009

Kings Creek Sunrise

Can I post another image straight from the 5D MKII yes.. I have lots!

Sometimes I can be so preoccupied with one compositional technique that I seldom see anything else. I very rarely shoot a good silhouette mainly because I'm so fixated on accenting the clouds.

At this same location a few weeks ago now we were witness to a spectacular sunrise with rippling clouds from the horizon to horizon. It was a sight to be seen thats for sure and I started snapping away as usual only getting the barest horizon line in the frame.

Here I'ev done the same thing by keeping the horizon line to a minimum but with the addition of a sparsely branched tree right in the foreground. I love this and I wonder why I never shoot like this, the colours of the clouds are still there and the tree gives so much presence to the image.