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ASSC Birthday, Get Paid!

The Prize DrawThanks to the Alice Springs Solar City project for purchasing some of the images that I casually shot at their first birthday celebrations last month. I submitted my images to the ASSC the day after the event and it turns out that they liked them so much that they are willing to pay me for them. So this is officially my second paid shoot this year both of which I scored by just showing up and doing my best.

The ASSC had paid another company here in Alice to cover the event and though they did an excellent job I just managed to squeeze out a few more angles and persisted with the tight spaces for a little longer. In particular the shots of the rush to get the free light bulbs and the shots of the project manager with the Mayor drawing out the prizes got me over the line. The shots of the light bulb rush were the best because while I did see other people taking photos nobody was hanging around long enough to wait for the moment. It was easy to get separate shots of the line the light bulbs and the people receiving and giving but it took a bit of waiting to get all these elements in one composed image.

To add to this I got some great photos of the major prize draw featuring the ASSC Project manager and the Mayor of Alice Springs. I had been far right of the stage for the first few minutes of the speaches which was a good spot with a nice background of softly lit foliage. However, as soon as both guys were on stage the microphone was very much a distraction and while still part of the story it was simply in the way. I moved to the left of stage and put the mic largely to the very left of the frame giving the two people more space to breathe and reducing the distractions from the new subject which was the prize draw.

All around it was a pretty difficult event to cover with strong light and harsh contrasts for most of the time but as the sun moved lower to the horizon the quality of light increased. I was struggling to work with the contrast as first using a wider lens but as soon as the 70-200 f/2.8 was on the camera most of the wider contrasty scene could be eliminated. The wider shots did need a bit of post processing to bring the scene together but for the most part all the zoom shots worked well.

Once again thanks to the Alice Springs Solar City project for the intrest in my images and thanks for reading.

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