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Insurance for the Photographic Gear

The Glorious 5D MKIISo after months of thinking about it I've finally decided to sit down and apply for some insurance to cover my camera gear. This sudden call to arms is due to the fact that we are soon to be heading off overseas on another European adventure this time only for 2 months.

As part of being a cautious traveller and a smart one in the grand scheme of things I took out a travellers insurance policy with QBE, others who I've had on tour have been not so smart. While applying for the travel insurance I was reminded that the maximum amount that can be covered by that policy comes up short for the photo gear that I carry.

As a result I am forced to take out a second policy just to cover my camera gear which is no shame as I'd be devastated if anything happened to it. I was looking at a company called protecsure but in order for the equipment to be covered the policy has to be taken out within one month of the item purchase. But because its been 2-3 month since I purchased the 5D MKII and longer for some of the lenses I am excluded from even applying. Nuts isn't it.

I was looking at them because they were recommended to me from an online photographer buddy so after a quick search on the googles I found They look to be a bit cheaper and the policy covers me worldwide which is a bonus considering protecsure wanted an additional payment for each month of travelling over the first 24 day period. You can bet that with any insurance you've gotta read the fine print but they look to be just as good as the policy from protecsure and even a bit clearer on some of the wording.

My grand total of $12,500 worth of gear can be covered by a $350 insurance policy which is nice to say the least as that is cheaper than a car registration a year, by a long way! I'm just in the final process of sending off the application form now so I'll be sure to keep you all updated on the proceedings of the policy.

Both of the agencies are based in Australia just in case your wondering

Links only good if your gear is new looks good for the rest of us!