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Posts from the road: A few minutes to sit


Write a post from the road, sounds pretty sweet and it's super convenient as well with the iPhone. But it can be a bit of a task to get it all together with photos and formatting the text. I'm having to write this in HTML because the input editor app has a few issues with the interface of my blog which is no big drama it just means more time.

I'm sitting back at a bit of a secret spot while the crew is off on a special feature of the tour. I would really like to get out the camera and shoot a few of the birds that are around at the moment. Shoot is obviously not the best choice of words but we all know what I mean.

I come back to the post having just taken a few nice shots of a Goss Hawk. The Goss Hawk is not the most common bird out here so it was good just to get a few for the collection. It was predating or at least try to a small Magpie and also a couple of Ring Necked Parrots that were in the wrong palce at the wrong time. Itcan be quite a challange to get the camera setup in time to get the shot. The 70-200 f/2.8 L IS USM with the 2x extended is a large piece of equipment to swing around but it can be a mission to quickly assemble. Particularly when the subject is a flighty bird.

Its quite a good combination to be a tour guide and a photographer at the same time but you really do have to wonder how long you can do it for. The job if fantastic fun but of late I have really been missing the life I only have at most 2 days a week. I really am thinking of spending a few months in town at a 9-5er after returning from
Europe just to live. Not many people would say that but the fact that I live out bush with tourists and visit my girlfriend in Alice Springs can after a year and a half get old.

Many of you may have heard it all before especially my partner but I have a good chance to do it. The Euro trip will be a perfect chance to have a decent brake but it's also almost unavoidably going to mean an empty bank account on return. The money for guiding is way more than I could ever get in town and it has got me the camera and a host of other gizmos. I guess there is always more than one factor to consider. I had better get off the blog and do some work now.

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