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Posts from the road: Rain

It's rained every night so far on this tour which is usually not much of a drama except this is a priviate charter. I always stress too much on priviate charters because I'd like it all to be perfect where on a normal we would just roll with it. Roll with it we have all the same and the family is really doing well with conditions at hand. Truth be told the amount of rain we've had has been small but it's just been coming down as we've been getting to sleep.

So after a few relatively rough nights we have finally arrived at Uluru. Never before has Uluru been such a rock it the metophoric sense for me. To see it this time around made all the ups and downs disappear and it seems that I and the tour are back on track

It could be an amaIng day to shoot some quality shots as we have high level clouds and a crystal clear atmosphere. In particular the Marla walk will be interesting as we are here hours before usual. But probably the most potential for good shots will come from a controlled burn occoring today. I'll keep you posted it I can get a few shots.