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Tour 74, 19 April 2009

Acacias of SunsetThis was a great tour for photography with a wide range  of weather to really maximise and develop a varied collection of images for a single tour. This tour was a 4 day tour which included the much talked about "Bush Track" between Kings Creek Station and Curtin Springs. The "Bush Track" crosses some truly amazing country which is about as pristine as you can find out here. Driving through fields of golden spinifex with its tall flowers upto the windows of the car was a great experience for all.

The best shots come from Uluru and Kata Tjuta as they both had some great cloud cover and beautiful lighting leading to some unique images. I was very disapointed to have forgoten my tripod mount so although Uluru sunset was amazing I had to use some higher ISO settings and wider apertures to get the shutter speed that I needed to make a sharp image.

Recently I've been watching a series of videos that have really changed my workflow to stear away from some of the Photoshop plug-ins that I've been using heavily for a long time not. I'm very keen to get a greater understanding of the more detailed applications of photoshop and lightroom in order to creat some top quality fine art prints in the future. The little tricks and tweaks that are needed to make a real piece of work is mind boggeling but at the end of the process the product is set to be a very professional print.

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