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Post from the road: Test run

On this tour I'm taking out all of my gear and giving it a test run before it really matters. The plan is to walk both Kata Tjuta and Kings Canyon with my full pack of gear plus the camera gear. I'm not sure how much it weighs but as I'm usually carrying all my camera gear and extras any way I'm very used to carrying 9Kg plus.

I'm sure that by backpack and camera bag will come to around 20kg including food and a bit of water. This might sound like a lot but I'll be carrying everything I need to go overnight and hopefully longer in the colder high country. I'll mostly be in Austria and Slovakia so I will me able to get extra stuff if I need it but that's why I'm doing the test run... So I don't need to.

The camera bag is already an issue as it's just not big enough to carry all the lenses and the most basic equipment that I want on hand. I'm going with a shoulder bag so I can walk with my backpack on and still be able to shoot things as they come along. For the bull of the time I'll have the camera out but I still want to me able to change lenses, filters and clean without taking off my backpack. Obviously for a sunrise or sunset I'll be free and easy but while walking I'd like to as flexable as possible.