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Post from the road: Test run results

I think that I'll always do a test run of nearly everything from now on. The walk around Kata Tjuta today was an amazing eye opener and I have changed almost the whole pack as a result. The biggest problem was the camera bag being out in front of me and throwing off all the balance of my larger backpack. Having the strap over just one shoulder doesn't sound like a big deal but it was pulling down on one of my shoulders more than the other. This shoulder began to feel the strain after just a few hundred meters.

During the walk I shifted my 70-200 f/2.8L IS USM that is in it's own lowepro lens case to the rear of the backpack. This was a dramatic reduction in the camera bag and the off centre weight and made a huge difference as just that lens weighs 1.8kg. This made things much easier going for the rest of the walk and with the camera out shooting made it even easier going.

When back at lunch with a few spair minutes I did a little re-organising of the bag with the aim of carrying the camera in the bag. It was actially pretty east to make this happen and only took a few adjustments. The biggest thing to remove from the pack is my heavy work pants because I don't think that there will be much mulga to stomp or fires to light over in Europe. The next will be to carry some smaller lighter sox as the heavy works socks that I'm currently using are very bulky. Another adjustment will be to carry the bed roll on the outside of the pack rather than inside. There are ample straps and more loops to attach bulky but light items on the outside of the pack saving the inner for more delicate items.