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Having too much fun to post

Wheat Fields (sunset on Wedding day), Krotoszyn, PolandIts been too long since my last post and keeping up with the blog and photo streams has proved to be almost impossible while travelling in Eastern Europe. From Poland and the wedding through the Polish Tatras and from there to the Slovak Tatras and around a few smaller towns in Slovakia finding web time has been limited. Despite the lack of web time I'm not feeling like I'm missing out on much infact just the opposite. I've been really enjoying my time here so far way more than last time I travelled through in 2006 mainly because of Lisa being here. We haven't spent this much time together for more than 1.5 years so its been good just to hang out and get to know each other again.

All I've been able to do with my images so far is get the photos from Bill and Maggie's wedding posted to the site but its a bit of a messy gallery. I had just a few hours to select and do very quick editing of them so when I have my quad core, 8gb ram & 24'' display at hand I'll be sure to get them all cleaned up. I've been shooting a fair bit over here but I have been staying away from just taking pictures. I might only take a few shots a day while in towns just of cool stuff and cool light but I'm still letting loose on the landscape side of things.

So as time is better spent elsewhere I am cutting this post off with the teaser of those snow covered mountain landscapes that will remain hidden until time permits.


Polish wedding mayhem!


Check the gallery from the wedding HERE