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image101337680.jpgMany of you will know that France is a country I found to be very difficult at times. Mostly through language and my inability to learn more than the basics but also the atitude of the people. This time around it has been competly different to most of the year I spent here in 2006/2007. I have come to the conclusion that France is better to travel than live.

Yesterday was possibly the most fun we've had while travelling so far excluding the mountains of course. Being in a place where you can understand what people are saying and you can actually say more than please and thankyou is a big part of it. Another huge factor is we don't need a map to get around which is such a reliefe after weeks of batteling our way through the cities.

Lyon is a great city and we were blessed with beautiful weather, good vibes and a desire to eat our favourite foods from our favourite places. Today is set to be another big day of eating as we are heading to the biggest and best fresh food markets. Cheese, seasonal fruit and traditional dried sausage is the main objectives plus the pasteries and coffee to fuel the mission.

I'm in food heven more so than last time because living in the desert you have almost nothing of the experience.

Day 2. Markets but not any old markets these markets are our old favourite and where we did most of our food shopping. We baught 4 kinds of cherries 7 punnets of strawberries and way too much cheese. It was a Sunday so not all of the stalls were there but it was still more than we could handle.

Later after consuming healthy amounts of our market spoils park tete d'or was our intended afternoon entertainment. I was too full to walk and so while we stood beside the lake I decided that I would quite cheesely like to row a boat around the lake. With stocks of cherries, cheese and bread we paddeled our way around for a very enjoyable 45 minutes. The sun was blazing and the water was packed with other people also having trouble going in a straight line. It was something that I'd do again in a snap but the contempory art museam just beside the park was Lisa's big date of the afternoon.

On show was two artists one from New York the other from Lyon. Im not even going to bother with the american but the guy from Lyon was a photographer so I give it a mention. In 30 years he's taken no more than 400 photos each with.... Blah blah blah. I quickly came to the conclusion that if it's out of focus and not passable as a good crisp photo, fine art in other words. Why not try and sell it as contempory art, that's what it looks like he did and of course they baught it.

Later on after the gallery I made lisa go to the bule chapionships being held I'm the main square of the city. For about half an hour I got some great shots of middle to old age men throwing mettal balls with intense concentration. It was a good opertunity to get the 400mm out and get some practice doing something that I haven't photographed before.

Day 3.

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