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Canon 50mm f/1.8 in the bag

the 50mm f/1.8 on the 5D MKIIThis morning in a frenzy of comsumer bliss spured on by my visit to Brisbane I purchased a few little thing that I've wanted for ages.

The biggest and best is the first drappy plastic lens that I've baught in ages the Canon 50mm f/1.8 and its already claimed a spot in the bag. I've wanted to get a 50mm for ages but never got my act together enough to order one online as hard as it is. This lens will be a fun new addition to the kit especially at Bills wedding in Poland where I plan on getting right in the middle of it all. Its not the best lens by far but for $130 ($30 more than online) its a window to some great possibilities for portrate work.

Another item that found its way into the bag is a flash cord. The cord is a third party one but it only cost $50 from the store and its another item that I've wanted for ages. Just like the 50mm this is an item that I'm looking forward to using at the wedding to help make the images a bit more dynamic as far as lighting is concered. No more crappy shadows right behind the subject... nice.

The third item was another renote trigger for the 5D MKII yep another one... if anyone manages to find a 5D MKII remoter trigger somewhere in the central deserts of Australia let me know, its probably mine.