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The final countdown


Hogans, why god am I at a pub all the way at Wellington Pt. Miles away from where anyone lives. Seriously we are all a bit confused.

I'm here all because of a unique set of occorances. Firstly we are here, often the first mistake. Secondly it's mothers day, always a reason to get put to a pub. Thirdly Lisas sister has a girlfried and the two families are meeting for the first time, WTF central. I, well I'm here just because I was told however lisas mum said that she could be my proxy mum... As if I don't have a mum already but I'm happy for her to be my poxy mum.

On the menu is a steak with onion rings but this might not be the smartest decision considering I'll be in a confined space for the next 24.

I did just win $10 on the pokies and only put in $1 in so it's not all sideways. I decided to quit while I was winning and never go back. :)

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