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Almost ready to leave

Austria is not going well, I planned a walk along a ridge line which is what it said but most of it is covered with cows and associated cow products. This is proving to be a factor that is really getting to me here, the ever present signs of people and industry. Every mountain that I have walked up has had a road cut into it and even now as I sit 2000m high the vista in front of me is carved up by roads, powerlines and ski lifts.

Perhaps my ideas of what Austria would be were neive but it is difficult to find a bit of real untouched nature. It is of course easy to say that nowhere is untouched by man but some places show more sings of man than others. For example, the wide open plains of central Australia while looking untouched are them selves covered in cattle stations.

I camped out last night at a very nice spot to say the least and I did get a few nice shots but there was something missing. That connection with the location the love of just being there breathing the air and if you will, feeling the vibe. Not to get all hippie on you all too much but it is a very important part of my photography. You might notice that my photography of Central Australia is not a collection of contrasty harshly lit images. While this type of photography is Central Australia all over and what most people would probably expect my knowlage and connection with the place tells me different.

As I spend 5 days a week camping in the wilderness I have seen on many occasions this harsh environments soft side. A cool crisp winter sunrise at a location where I know what the light will do and where it will hit the landscape is pure magic. But possibly the best thing is showing this side of the environment to visitors.

It is very true that I am home sick and miss my partner but I am finding that my efforts here in Austria are only getting adverage results. As much as you can plan where to be for sunset checking the subject mountain and the direction of the light on the map if you do not feel that connection the drive is not there to photograph it. Without this the imagination and creativity required to compose a photograph just does not flow, the inspiration is just not there.

So do I leave and go back to Slovakia, back to the Tatra mountains which I know quite well. I am quite litterially torn should I persist with Austria suck it up and get the job done or cut and run back to Slovakia. I have 20 days remaining here in Europe and probably a maximum of 14 where I can be in the mountains the other days are travel and rest.

Today is a new day. It is a warm sunny day and I think I'll stay another night and try again to find what I'm looking for here in Austria. I will however take it easy this morning and get a bike to ride around this beautyful lake that I have neglected and try to see what I have right infront of me then I will see what happens.