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Leaving on a positive note

Pure luck and persistence. This is how I would describe today's turn of events here in Zell am See, Austria... particularly after the tone of my last post. Today I did as most would and caught a bus up to see the Grosglockner Austria's tallest peak. This is a sharp contrast to my methods thus far in this country and a sign that I was ready to try doing it the easy way. Instead of slogging all my gear up some ridiculous mountain only to be half pleased with the results I took it easy.

I did not expect to see the magic of a mountain tall and majestic covered in that late afternoon glow but I just went to take some photos. Lucky to say the least bit it was a crystal clear day, lucky that the light was hitting them nicely and lucky that the bus driver left without me at one of the stops. It all went my way today travel, photography, weather and personally.

I was sitting at breakfast this morning a bit lost for exactly what to do, leave, stay or run around in circles. Then the manager of the hostel just walks over and says that it's a perfect day to go and see the grosglockner "it's easy just catch the bus". It sounded too easy but that was it and off I went to the bus stop where the bus was waiting for me.

I really had not much of an idea of exactly what to expect but I did have a flyer from the hostel. I was thinking that it was one of those hop on hop off deals but I was wrong. At a stop that looked particularly scenic and with a cafe/museum I got off to take a few shots assuming that I could catch the next bus. But the next bus was 4 hours away luckily giving me plenty of time to explore the small valley just below.

For hours I wandered through a very photogenic high valley which was full of snow channels small streams tiny yellow flowers a small wooden hut right on the edge of the cliff and marmots. I really could not have asked for more on a perfect day with just a few clouds in the sky. After I had visited all of the features I had seen from above I walked back up the hill to the cafe where I learnt the last bus was at 15:40 so with more than an hour I walked up to the next observation point. From here a whole new vista over the mountains was available but with limited time I just snapped a few and relaxed.

Back in Zell am See I am feeling good and will leave for Slovakia tomorrow with a much better impression for Austria. When looking back at my time here I did do quite a lot of walking and did see some truly amazing locations. I'll be sure to do more research before my next visit as you will really need to know where and what your doing to make it a smoother experience. Natural obstacles like snow was just bad luck.