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Happy to be here in SK

As I sit here in a cool as restaurant paying reasonable prices for good food I can safely say that I am glad to be back. Traditional music being played live with a huge fire burning in the middle of the room and drinking a Kofola. Who could ask for more?

Today was well and truly a day of travel starting at 6:45 and going right through until 18:30 when I arrived here in Stary Smokovec. I love this place it's got charm backed up with good people beutiful senery and it's cheap. So many reasons to come back however I was happy to have visited Austria and walked a few of the mountains there. But I am most of all happy to have left Austria on a high after my lazy day of mountain side wandering.

If I had of left Austria on a down I really would have felt very different about the place. I most definitely would love to go back but next time with better plans and a much lighter set of lenses because 9kg of camera gear alone is too much to lug up tall mountains. So in retrospect I have to say I would do things a little differently next time but still it was an experience to remember.

But tomorrow is what I am looking to right now that is excluding my dinner which should arrive soon. I will do some washing get my gear packed and possibly head off in the afternoon but that depends on my good friend Nathan. He is as I type on the polish side of the Tatra and walking towards me here in Slovakia.

Yet another reason to come back it would be so good to catch up with him and his lady friend. What are they doing here well Nathan lost his passport just before a trip from Germany to Spain and so here they are. I really would love to meet them in a mountain hut all I need is a bit of conformation as all we have exchanged so far is FB emails and rushed at that.

When I head back to my apartment that cost me €50 what a bargin, a bit extravagent but the lady that runs the place is nice, I'll drop by the WIFI and try to call.