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True Mountain Fun

To say that things are going well here in the Tatra mountains is an understatement. Yesterday for example Roger, Nathan and myself walked the most adventitious walk that any of us had been on.

It has been everything I missed in Austria and everything I had looked for in a holiday. The simple and kind nature of the people the tasty food the absolutely stunning nature with out high voltage power lines ski lifts and roads carving it up is refreshing in every way. But best of all these is the high walks that bring you into very close contact with all of these things and all you have to do is supply the leg work.

I've done half as much walking here in comparison to Austria but I've seen and experienced twice as much. The fields of alpine flowers with bubbling waterfalls streaming through was a highlight of the transition from thick misty pine forests to the higher altitudes. These higher altitudes is where you can find around every turn of the path a new scene each different to the last. Lakes frozen over with steep inclines of snow covered rock faces almost totally surrounding them. Fields of snow leading up to cloud covered peaks of jagged rock inviting you to keep walking.

Walk we did about 8 hours worth which is a decent number of hours but and it was a very eventful journey with several changes and probably everything this environment could throw at you