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Photo of the day: Friday 17 July 2009


Prostredny Hrof (2441m), Tatra Mountains SlovakiaThis peak was such an impressive landmark that it totally dominated the Mala Studena Dolina valley. The valley was surrounded on all sides by rugged peaks and had several small lakes filled to the brim with melt water. To watch the fast moving clouds run past this and the other peaks was a real pleasure of mine and I shot several minutes of video to add later.

I visited this valley twice on my travels through the Tatra once at the start and once at the very end of my time there. It was very surprising to return to these locations 6 weeks apart to see just how different it looks with no snow and ice. This image is from my first visit and although it looks relatively ice free the lake just to the right was partially covered by ice but the next lakes were totally covered and indistinguishable from the snow fields.

Here I really wanted to bring the small and the grand together buy focusing the foreground on the colorful lichen that covers the granite. Also the twisting fractures in this granite that is home to grasses adds to the lead in qualities of the feature. The most dominant feature is of course the jagged Prostredy Hrof peak rising high into the sky and very different to the smooth granite. These peaks were so dramatically different to any that I have seen in Australia that it felt almost alien to me.

HDR with adjustments in Lightroom.