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Photo of the day: Thursday 23 July 2009

HDR Portrait, Frankfurt GermanyHDR Portrait, a little different to my usual photographic exploits but I just couldn't help myself. I was wandering the Frankfurt Hauptbahnhof just taking a few photos to fill in the time before my connecting train to Munich arrived and this guy walks up to me. He tells me that he's a rapper and that he needs a few shots to add to his Myspace music profile.

Always a traveller on the scammer prowl I was very suspicious to start but he spoke to easily of his project and I believed him after a few questions about it. I shot only 5 frames of him and we discussed the photos as we did and it really got a product quickly. This was the last shot of the 5 and after a month sitting on my hard drive plodding around Europe and the long journey home I finally got it into Lightroom and photoshop.

I had watched a very good podcast recently where they show a way of producing a sudo HDR from a single image with very little image degradation. This is the first image that I processed this way and I like it. With the end of full time touring taking more photos of people around town is on the cards.