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Larapinta Trail Stages 4 & 5

Rocky Saddle down to Fringe Lily Creek

Last weekend my good lady and I as well as two good friends spent three days walking in the West MacDonnell Ranges National Park here in Central Australia. The West MacDonnell Ranges are a very unique set of mountain ranges that stretch from 70Km east of Alice Springs to 240Km to the west. At around 350 million years old they are a heavily eroded landscape as is all of central Australia however the West MacDonnell Ranges are a stand out piece of geology in that they were part of an Intertectonic orogeny.

Being so close to town and so accessible they are some of the most easily photographed landscapes in Central Australia. The Larapinta Trail is a very highly regarded walk all over the world and in past years has really moved ahead and is gaining in popularity with every passing season.

The two stages that we walked were stages 4 & 5 but we did walk backwards or towards Alice Springs so in reality we walked stages 5 & 4. These stages go from Hugh Gorge to Standley Chasm and takes in some spectacular views of both the mountain range as well as the surrounding desert plains. Due to a bit of laziness I was not in the positions I wanted to be in for sunset and sunrise but it wasn't a photographic walk it was a walk with some friends which made it a really special experience.

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