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Mountain Zen in Black & White

Sitting back at my hostel in zakopane Poland having been into the mountains for the last time this trip I would consider my efforts successful. I have achieved all of the photographic goals that I set the trip the most important being documenting high alpine lakes in various states of the melt. Another major subject that I wanted to record was weather namely rain, fog and low level clouds interacting with the landscape.

Other than having these goals and subjects it was just good fun to get out walk the trails and have the ability to spend time making well thought out photographs. This time is a rarely available luxury in most of my photographic ventures and knowing that I would have this available was exciting. It gave me the opportunity to try new things and experiment with a few processes that I had been thinking of for a while. The biggest of these was recording black and white images in the field.

I have been playing with black and white conversions in lightroom and photoshop but had never recorded black and white in the field. It might sound stupid but recording black and white in the field was a totally different experience to the conversion process and was infinitely more educational. Just using the in camera black an white settings and filters was so easy that I have now programmed two of the custom shooting modes with black and white functions.

Black and white in the field will be the title of an up coming post here on the Steven Pearce Photography blog where I'll get in the deep end of my B&W experience.