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West MacDonnell Sunset, 3 Shots

Late yesterday afternoon I set out into the West MacDonnell Ranges to take advantage of some pretty rare weter conditions, clouds as well as the dust swept up by the wind produced soft light that might only come around a few times per month. For that last 3 days the clear and distant central Australian horizons have been hazy with a moderate level of dust that is a welcome change to the past 2 1/2 weeks of amazing yet sometimes monotonus clarity. This was all too much to resist making it an afternoon to get out of town and get some photographic exercise.

Below are three of the best shots from the short afternoon and I am very happy with the results. I'm finding that the more I learn about photography and photographers my compositions are getting much simpler and less complicated. Recently I've begun to use much longer focal lengths than what I have previously which was almost always under 40mm with a very large depth of field.

I'm not sure exactly why this is but I know that of all the images I have been looking at I am finding photos with a long focal length the easiest to look at. It makes me feel as if I was there or at least a bit more like its easier to see and define a subject that is far beyond what both a camera and human eye can see. Isolation of simple well defined subjects with out clutter and free from distraction is what I'm trying to develop in my photography.

A rare afternoon of soft light

Ghost Gums in Last Light

Just before the end