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Eco Friendly Wedding Photography

I found this cool little video on Twitter and thought that I should share it. There is a few things mentioned in the video that all photographers should keep in mind when processing and printing photos for clients. For me it raises the issue between maximizing photo sales and reducing the environmental footprint from using not just paper but the chemicals and dyes. These things can have quite a large impact on our environment and to keep this in mind when selling your product is something that we all must do.

Achieving a higher signal to noise ratio is important but for a small business particularly for us photographers we could focus more on quality and less on quantity. For me I don't want to look at 250 photos from an event I want to see the top 20 only and maybe just 3 prints that will become features in a living space. We have to also realise that small print 5x6's are almost dead and with technology like the Apple Tablet reportedly just around the corner the last days of mass printing are over.

We all want that tangible physical photo but for the next generations a graphic tablet computer would be the most consumable way of viewing and keeping photos.