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Analogue Anomalies

Best Sunrise in YearsYou know that when I'm on I'm on, I spend hours getting it right, getting that shot looking its crispiest so that my customers have a true product not just a photograph. But what about letting it all loose and what about that film stuff and the home alchemy.

Well you see it does take a whole bunch of time getting film developed and scanned. Its an amazingly time hungry process that you'd have to be crackers to engage in but it's so much fun seeing what comes out the other end of that process.

Film for me is about the imperfections the dust the mixed up colours and most lovingly the development anomalies that digital photography simply can't have. Digital is a solid fixture, I can drive that camera like a Ferrari and work a 70-200 lens like a crazy old roo shooter but it has its limits. Those limits are pure random and unexplainable mistakes that sometimes happen in an analogue workflow. These "mistakes" are unrepeatable and unchangeable so the resulting image while being composed, exposed, developed and scanned buy me also has a touch of something else that will never happen again in the same way.

It does take a bit of effort letting it happen, letting those random occurrences become an important and additional part of an image rather than just a mistake that detracts from it. It has taken me some time to let go of that hyper tuned photograph and to see another layer of detail in these photographs, the layer of hands touching it of dust scratching it and chemicals flowing over its surface. These additions turn something of a static mirror of reality into a reality of its own that has become a mixture of that photographic moment and also the process of getting from that point to you viewing it