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Difference need not always be bound to creativity

Todd Mall before the Cafe's Open

A very nice rainy morning in Alice Springs can be such a fantastic time to go and shoot. The rain offers such different perspective to most photography simply because most people can not be bothered getting out in that weather.

As I progress though my photographic journey I am becoming more an more aware that some of my most memorable photos have been shot in less than ideal conditions. Rain, fog and what ever else nature can throw this curious desert photographers way is a godsend. Having the drive to get out in such weather allows, if only by default, me to have by no means a better photograph just simply a different photograph.

We've all seen the Todd Mall, however all but a few gently intoxicated folk, council workers cleaning and one nuts as jogger have seen it like this. I should add to that list of course a equally if not more so nuts as photographer. This is what I love to show in my photos, places we've all seen and know very well but at a time and light which hardly any of us have seen. Photography is time and light recorded.

This morning was nowhere near comfortable but comfort had little to do with the reason why I wanted this photograph.