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Recent Charity Work

Pakistani Floods Fund Raiser @ Olive Pink As part of making a living from my photography I also like to think that I know where to spread the photographic love.

Some recent events that I have donated my time and equipment to cover here in Alice Springs are the Cancer Council's "Big Girls Night Out" and the "Pakistani Floods Fundraiser".

Both of these events had an abundance of colour and good vibes making them a real opportunity to exercise that community spirit and also have a boat load of fun. Monties was the venue for the Big Girls Night Out and Olive Pink Botanic Gardens was where the Pakistani Flood Fund Raiser was held. Both of these venues have fantastic photographic potential with very dynamic colourful settings not to mention the enthusiastic punters!

It is needless to say that I'm operating a competitive local business but I'm also a part of the Alice Springs community and tho I'm driven to remain a commercial success I also don't want to limit myself. Providing free services to organisations that do so much with limited resources is just one way that we can all do a little good for our community.


A patchwork of vibrant colour @ Pakistani Floods Fund Raiser

A friend of mine and I are engaged in a light hearted exchange about the commercial side of... well everything. I have no problems being focused on paying my rent with my photographic skills and I fully believe that I should not be afraid of being successful and/or making money. People always say to me it must be wonderful to do what I truly love for a job and my reply is always HELL YES. 

But you do have to give something back to the community, so thats why I'll often contact the organisers of these charity events and ask them "do you need a photographer". I find that almost always the organisers are very receptive of such a proposal as they may have thought about a photographer but through budget limits it just wasn't possible. There is no reason why a charitable cause should be left out just because of these limits.

So if you do hear of a charitable causes or are putting on a fund raiser that would need a bit of media coverage just let me know I'm more than willing to help out.


Big Girls Night Out @ MontiesBig Girls Night Out @ Monties

Big Girls Night Out @ Monties