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Going the extra mile in the East MacDonnell Ranges

Sunrise of the Yeperenye Dreaming

The East MacDonnell Ranges

Well this has to be one of the greatest jobs a photographer can land, working this time not with people but only the landscapes of the East MacDonnell Ranges here in Central Australia. The East MacDonnell are of course the forgotten gem in Central Australia as the ranges are overshadowed by thier western half. The Western MacDonnell Ranges or the "Wes Mac's" have long been a favourite location of not only myself but almost every photographer, painter, poet and walker in the Centre.

Corroboree Rock, East MacDonnell RangesI do have to admit that the western pull has been so strong that I've spent only a fraction of time exploring the East Mac's by comparison. This was the case of course until I was lucky enough to get in contact with R M Williams. The R M Williams magazine needed a few shots of the East Mac's looking their best and as I had a slow week and the idea of spending a few days in the west anyway so it was easy to adapt my plans to it their needs.

I planned on spending 3-4 days in the East Mac's recording the landscapes and I did but as luck would have it heavy clouds and rain persisted for much of the time. Fantastic for me as a photographer who loves shooting in the rain but not so great for a client that wants sun and colour.

It really bothered me that the collection of images that I initially handed over was not to my usual standard of work. This is why for the last two days I've been waking up at 4am and driving out to the ranges and re-exploring the landscapes. I wanted to hand over something that I was happy to hand over not just some good shots that anyone could have taken. So in true to form persistence for getting the job done right I saw that going the extra distance was necessary for my client and also myself.

The images from the last two mornings are some of the best I've shot and its a real pleasure to put in that extra effort and have it pay off so very well.

Video Slideshow from the East MacDonnell Ranges

I'm working with a new sideshow program and thought that I might share this quick little presentation with you.