Alice Springs Photographer Blog

Working with ABC OPEN

Recently a friend of mine who works for the ABC Alice Springs and I got together and make a quick little video of the ABC's new venture.

ABC OPEN is a new part of the ABC which emphasises local content and they run different projects through the year that people like you can me can contribute to. The project that is running at the moment is called "Now and Then' and consists of local people from all around Australia showing their place now and then.

They do this by going through and finding an old or historical photograph of their town, house or what ever and then holding it up in front of the "now" of that same scene. 

The Final Video


So there it is my video debut and the first public view of a project that we had worked on for a few days. The results are pretty good for a couple of newcomers to the video space and you can be sure that I'll doing more with video in the new year. Video is something that I've got good experience with but I really haven't been doing anything video related for a few years now. It used to be a big part of my life maybe not as big as photography is now but it was still a part none the less.