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Before and After, Photoshop to the rescue

All I could think of was "how can you keep smiling when its going so very wrong" and "CHEESE"


Before! Sometimes you just have to take that photo and move on When your best, or to be more accurate your best on point under pressure plans for a shot are laid to waste sometimes it can be too late to recompose. It's too much to ask everyone to just hang on a minute while I fiddle around and fuss.

This situation happened just yesterday afternoon with a much larger group of people that what was originally expected. It was meant to be an easy shot of 16 people, 7 seated in front and 9 people standing behind. Oh... make that 22 people yeah sure no worries bring them in the more the maryer. This is what I said out loud while thinking oh bother there goes the whole background and now that lovely curtain background is only covering about half of the group.

So what do you do? just go with it, just get the shot with good light on the people and we'll fix that background later... DOH!

AFTER - Phhhhew! 

After..... several hours in photoshopYou know the reason why film photography has recently become a big part of my personal work is the total lack of photoshop. Don't get me wrong Photoshop is well WICKED and I can drive it like Mark Webber drives an Formula 1 race car but it's a little undesirable to spend so long in front of the computer. Its also so much fun handing over all the magic to the analogue process that happens in a developing tank.