Alice Springs Photographer Blog

Back in Central Australia

Sunrise on Mt. Sonder

Its good to be back in the desert after an extended holiday down to Melbourne, Tassie and Brisbane.  I was feeling pretty down when I first arrived back two weeks ago but as soon as I left town on my first tour of the year I was back into it in a big way.

The Centre had changed dramaticly while we were away with the summer rains drenching the landscape and the rivers flowing. We left a dry dead desert and returned to a very green living desert with the West MacDonnell ranges that surround the town of Alice Springs covered in Green spinifex. On my last tour we visited Ormiston Gorge which was still full of water which was quite unbelievable. I really do have to get out there and spend a few mornings getting those once a year photos that I will regret if I don't.

The touring schedule is pretty manic tho and this is preventing me from getting out there while its in its prime. The alarm was set for 3am this morning but after a 2am wake up call the day before to climb Mt. Sonder I just didn't have it in me.

Still the opportunities continue and all are waiting for the camera, next week we have forecast rain so I'll be sure to get out to the spots and spend the early hours having some fun.