Alice Springs Photographer Blog

Working Hard

Since returning from my Tasmanian journey life has been pretty hectic with a very full tour schedule and then a new range of photography opportunities coming up. 

Working on the photography more so than the tours has been a bit of a wake up and reminded me that it really can be more like a real job than I had previously imagined while setting myself up. Maintaining a level of survice that does justice to myself my business and most importantly the customer is for lack of a better word... work. I started out just having fun with my camera and learning everything I could about the art and the business that goes along with reaching for the stand of a photographer but now that the business is moving a few things have become very real.

The pleasure of getting the camera out and making photos is still very much there and I have no problems getting to the jobs and providing the customer with everything they need. It's more the balance between the photo work and the time when I would just go into the west MacDonnell ranges and spend an afternoon finding a spot and making photos. 

Finding that time to get away with no particular goal and no particular destination just to make great photos is getting to be a very small amount of time in comparison to my "work". I don't believe that I can't find this time it is just the simple fact that I will have to plan to have this raw time to find a new place or idea.