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The LAB Revelations

So I have 10 days off touring... yep 10, apparently I asked for them but no such desire was expressed by myself as far as I can remember anyway and after asking if I had cocked up somewhere and was being "rested" I was a little let down to find the answer was a no. 

Moving on from that as I'm sure your all very interested, I've decide to make the most of my time and subscribe to an online video training website. Why don't you go out bush? I work out bush and the weather at the moment is forecast to be exceptionally boring, see previous post. Spending hours in front of the computer is most likely what I was going to do anyway and why not skill up a little for all my time. Its Monday afternoon and I'm already champing a new workflow and a whole new area of photoshop that I had known of but never really delved deep into.


First a comparison between a shot of the George Gill Range that I had pretty much given up on because of its drab colors and lack of contrast. Hey, its not a bad shot but I just wasn't feeling it on this one.

The Lightroom Edit

It's nice enough but nothing special this is how I had processed it in Lightroom and as it didn't pop I just moved on to the next photo that caught my eye in this afternoons collection. But after spending several hours geeking out and trying to wrap my head around an entirely new way of seeing and using color I arrived at this and this is by no means a finished shot I've just done some very quick edits using LAB.

Results from the LAB

As you can see its not exactly a HUGE difference but it not supposed to be, after all us landscapers aren't meant to modify our pictures in photoshop the camera is supposed to do everything. Just look at Ansel Adams he did everything in camera and barely even knew what a wet darkroom was, those film guys have it so easy! Now aside from my mild rant there re some areas in the photo where you can easily see an enhancement and the clouds in particular are one such area.

The overall contrast has been raised producing a nice separation of the puffy bits and the now darker distant non puffy bits. The trees, something that on the afternoon I remember being far more for lack of a better word, alive. They reproduced pretty dull in camera but the slight LAB adjustment gave them so much more life, look particularly at the two main feature trees the dead and the living to the left. An over all lift and separation of the colour brought them out of the background just enough to let them stand on their own.

I'm looking forward to getting into the advanced techniques of the LAB color space over the next day or so and I'll be sure to let you know how it all goes.