Alice Springs Photographer Blog

Afternoon Explorations Pt. 2

Donnie, beer and cigarette

Almost a month has gone by since I last post about my afternoon wanderings around Alice Springs. I have continued to devote time to this project and have walked but with my recent work commitments the amount of time that I am able to spend on this project has decreased. Luckly this urban environment changes daily and while I imagine so many shots its always that few moments of shooting time that really solidifies what this series is about.

What exactly makes an urban landscape and why is it so removed from our interpretation of what a landscape is. I'm finding that even the most static objects and situations in the built environment are in a continual flux that is yet to be realised and perhaps most excitingly their transition to another state might not even be witnessed even by the keen observer.

This is perhaps the biggest reason why I'm focusing on making quite ordinary looking photographs of these objects. I'm trusting that the interested looker will see that the ordinary presentation is only a thin surface to the photograph and look for the details that describe the place and moment in transition no matter how ambiguous.