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"River Gums Once Again" Published in the Melbourne Age

River Gums Once Again - The photo used in the article

This was a real pleasure for me as I've been working on a detailed series of landscape photographs featuring the amazing year of rains we've had.

I was out at Uluru on my latest 6 day photography tour last Wednesday and while I had a moment at lunch time I checked my emails on my iPhone. There it was, an email from the photo editor of the Melbourne Age newspaper saying that they would like to use one of my shots in a story about the rains we've been having this yeah but the catch was the deadline was the next day at 12pm. This was all good except that I was remote and had no access to my library of photographs and equally no way to upload the full resolution versions to this site.

Thanks to my lovely lady Lisa I was able to talk her through the processes and uploaded them to my website that night with plenty of time to spare.

However that next morning 6 hours before the deadline the tour was treated to a magical sunrise at Uluru with heavy rains hitting the rock and making the waterfalls flow! I've been to Uluru about 120 times over the last three years and I can safely say that having that definitive waterfall moment has successfully alluded me much to my disappointment. There it was perfect in every way and on a photography tour as well giving me the time and space to shoot it with care and attention to detail.

From the Melbourne Age 10 September 2010

All I had to do was get these new shots to the photo editor in time not to mention edited, resized and optimised for their needs. Luckily Mr. Grenville Turner had his new MacBook pro and I had my iPhone so I had both a way to edit and to upload the shots and while the crew was at the Kata Tjuta viewing area I also had the time. Alas the photos of Uluru were not used in the article but it was a good testament to modern technology at the end of the known mobile universe :) 

The photo that they did use was one of my Ormiston Gorge in full flood shots, many people thought I was a bit mad for getting trapped there for four days but with this one shot I more than covered my costs for that time. I often say that 90% of landscape photography is physically being there at the time the other 10% is a combination of light and technique.