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Gearing up for Tassie

All the gear laid out

I'm just about out the door on this years trip down to Tassie and thought that I might share with you the gear that I'll be taking down as well as how I pack it.

It's a difficult trip to pack for from the start because I'll be doing a bit of everything over the next month including working at the Cygnet Folk Fest and walking the South West Track. So when it comes to camera gear I've got to be ready to shoot and light a festical environment as well as take the same gear on a 7 day walk. 

Obviously I'll be dramatically reducing the load for the SW track but I've got to think about the whole trip when I select what to take. 

Unfortunately I realised early on in the packing process that the Mamiya RB and the Bronica ETR were out of the question, so the medium format cameras will be staying at home. This was an easy decision to make because even tho I'm in love with film these cameras are heavy and not very flexible. Not to say that my digital setup is light because it is not however it affords complete flexibility. 

Along with the digital setup I'm also taking some lighting gear to help out at the festival, you know extreamly dark rooms with no natural light yep I'm taking a few flahses. But you also need to put the flashes on something so I've got a small lightweight light stand and a flash clamp packed in there too. These will come in handy when I'm shooting bands and the punters as I'm a very big fan of getting the flash off the camera.

I would also like to use this lighting gear to get some quality portraits of the random folk at the festival, I reckon this would be a good series of shots that I could use later on. So I've got my camera and lighting gear in there but I'm also packing the new - new laptop so I can get some of the shots edited and delivered to the festival before we set off into the wilderness. I don't want to sit on all the shots from the festival for 2 weeks while I tramp around plus the laptop will be there to dump my memory cards onto in between walks.

The setup I'll be taking on the walks, like I said earlier, will be heavily stripped back from what I've been talking about so far. I've got to be ready to work as a photographer with all the gear at the festival but also be as light and nimble as possible on the walks. I'm only going to be taking two lenses on the walks my 24-70 2.8L and the 70-200 2.8L so I'll have an optimal coverage of focal lengths. I'll be taking along 5 camera batteries and I about 80Gb of CF Cards which will hopefully last the 7 days of the SW Track.   

Packed up and ready to goSo here is the kit all packed up and ready to go which doesn't look at all like the first shot but thats ok with me. The good news is that I'll be under weight on the flights... as long as they don't weigh my camera bag which I'll be taking as carry on. Compared to last years Tassie adventure and previous longs trips with my camera and camp gear I've got to say that this is the best pack I've done yet. 

The setup will allow me to swap and change out gear and camera bags to suit the situation that I'm in and won't be carrying around everything all the time. Oh yeah you might have seen in the full shot that I've got a camera backpack and a smaller shoulder camera bag.

I use the smaller bag to take my gear on walks because it fits into the bottom of my walking backpack very well with a bit of space around to pacl with socks and jocks to add to the padding. This bag I can also take by itself on a side walk while I leave my walking backpack behind at camp.