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Back on the Road

Not bad for an iPhone picture, Kosciuszko national parkYeay! back on the road again but this time the total opposite side of Australia to last time. The East Coast is a place that I've seen sparaticilly over my life, I grew up in Brisbane and have seen a few of the sights to the north and south but never like this. This time we are taking a bit of time to get from A to B and taking it all in... as you do.

So we started off in Brisbane where we picked up our new car fit for touring, sorry Barina your good for one but a bit cramped with two! Coffs Harbour and Belingin were the first stops for the 5 day adventure that was Global Carnival and a bit of a catch up with the in-laws.

Then to the secluded beaches of southern NSW of which 7 Mile Beach was the pick. The picture for this post was of course not from the beach but from the Kosciuszko national park where we spent the last days frolicking in the snow and in between getting some magic photos of the high alpine country.

Yesterday and today see us again by the sea at lakes Enterance on our way to the southern most point on mainland Australia and a place that I've wanter to photograph for many years now, Wilson Promontory.